Collection & Confirmation


If you get a preliminary positive result, send the sample to Confidential Drug Test for confirmation as soon as possible. (See separate instruction sheet on how to purchase and send sample for confirmation).

Confirmation Kit includes:

  • Sample Vial

  • Security Sealing tape with specimen ID #

  • Specimen bag with absorbent pad

  • Pre-addressed mail box (postage not included)

CDT’s lab confirmation test will provide you with:

  • 5 additional potential drugs of abuse and alcohol (see below)

  • Specimen Validity to ensure that the specimen has not been tampered or altered in any way
  • Quantitative result and level of one or more specific drugs of abuse

What is the cost? $15.00 To purchase a confirmation test and/or other test online visit us at of call (855)238-5487 for more information. M-F 8 AM to 5 PM MST.


The following steps are followed for confirmation use:

  1. After filling 2/3 of the vial with specimen, snap cap and push in locking device.

  2. Fill out the information on the Security Seal for the lab.

  3. Place seal on top of cap and wrap remaining seal on both sides of vial.

  4. Place sealed sample in the front pouch of specimen bag with absorbent.

  5. Fill in the blanks on the authorization form and place in specimen bag.

  6. Place pouch with specimen in pre-addressed mailing box.

  7. Then close and seal the box.

  8. Send sample overnight delivery to the test lab

If you are using a different lab for confirmation testing, use that laboratory’s Mailing Label or packaging


  1. Normally you can get test results in 3 to 10 business days.

  2. Online PIN for getting Confirmation Lab Results will be: First 3 letters of last name + SpecimenID # that were entered when placing order.
  3. Click here to get Confirmation Results.
  4. For additional information please visit our website at or call Confidential Drug Testing at (855) 238-5487 8AM-5PM M-F


  1. Failure to use this kit as directed may result in inaccurate results.

  2. This test provides screening results only. It is not designed to determine the actual concentration of drugs or the level of intoxication.

  3. Positive results must be confirmed by the Laboratory.

  4. This product is designed for testing human urine only. Do not use this device to test anything but urine.

  5. Urine samples are perishable. The positive sample must be sent to the lab for confirmatory testing as soon as possible.

  6. Adulterants such as bleach or other strong oxidizing agents may produce erroneous test results. If adulteration is suspected, collect a fresh
    specimen and repeat the test with a new device.

  7. Samples in which bacterial contamination is suspected should not be used. These contaminants may interfere with the test and cause false results.

  8. It is possible that substances and technical or procedural errors not described in this test instruction may interfere with the test, causing false

  9. Certain foods and medicines such as cough syrup, diet plan drugs and nutritional supplements might cause a false positive test result with this

  10. This test does not distinguish between drugs of abuse and certain medications.